Deploy your own token without writing any code.

It's instant, safe and easy.

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After the deployment transaction is verified on the blockchain, your token is immediately ready use!


Deploying a token is completely secure and our contracts publicly available for auditing.


Just fill in the form with only three input fields, and just like that your token is good to go!

Frequently asked questions

After the transaction passes, your contract will be verified and visible on the block explorer of your chosen network.

You can always find your contract address by looking at your Metamask transactions ('Activity' under your balance) and finding 'Contract deployment'. Click on that and then at the very top select 'View on block explorer'.

See our guide here.

The transaction is sent from us instantly, but depending on network load it might take a couple of minutes to get confirmed on the blockchain.

All modern ERC-20 (and contracts that extend ERC-20) standard contracts use 18 decimals for their tokens.

A burnable contract allows 'burning' tokens to reduce the total supply after deployment.

You can contact us at


Our pricing is transparent and simple:

Deployment cost
Arbitrum logoArbitrum
0.01 AETH
Aurora logoAurora
0.01 ETH
Avalanche logoAvalanche
0.4 AVAX
Binance Smart Chain logoBinance Smart Chain
0.07 BNB
Celo logoCelo
8.5 CELO
Ethereum logoEthereum
0.01 ETH
Fantom logoFantom
13 FTM
Fuse logoFuse
0.01 ETH
Harmony One logoHarmony One
138 ONE
IoTeX Mainnet logoIoTeX Mainnet
274 IOTX
KardiaChain  logoKardiaChain
594 KAI
Moonbeam logoMoonbeam
4.8 GLMR
Moonriver logoMoonriver
0.264 MOVR
Metis logoMetis
0.185 METIS
Optimism logoOptimism
0.01 ETH
Polygon logoPolygon

* prices above do not include transaction gas fee


If you have any questions, ideas or concerns, you can contact us at:

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